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If a girl seems uncomfortable and annoyed by your advances, don’t stop. Chase her, make sex innuendos, flirt, and stalk her, do everything you can (especially lying) to impress her, until she loves you back. Never ever stop (points for you if the father of her child just died), it’s just how true love works.
OUAT writers probably (via magicallyevelicious)


zelena keeping the dagger in her boots tho



you’re searchingFor what you might never find


you’re searching
For what you might never find


Regina is all about development. Especially when it comes to Snow White.

if i ever get famous im going to make a tumblr and only reblog things about my tv show or movie or whatever but everyone will think its just a normal fandom blog and they wont know its me and people will follow me and ill make tumblr friends and one day ill skype my best tumblr friend and ill turn on my camera and theyll just be looking at their favourite celebrity like how amazing would that be if that happened to you

Character development at its finest.


if i ever get a horse im naming it lana del neigh